Calendar 2015

I will be competing in the Open Challenge which ranks you on your best 6 results. I will be in Class DE7 for Formula Renaults, all running the same engine and power. I'm skipping the first three rounds which aren't listed below (Bagnols Sabran, Col St. Pierre & Abreschviller) as they are at opposite ends of the country and too difficult to reach logistically.

Tyres are either Michelin or Avon (I will most likely run Avon as I've ran them for some time on the Peugeot & Westfield). One of the most appealing aspects to me about racing in France is the prospect of competing in a class of identical cars where the only way to win is to choose the best tyres, suspension & aero setup - the rest is down to the driver. This focus on the driver's ability is what I love, and I'm very excited about competing on such equal terms - may the best man (or woman...) win!! :D

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