- Monday, 28 September 2015

New GoCharlie website & winter work!

Ok, so the season has come to an end but that doesn't mean that the things have ground to a halt at GoCharlieHillclimb - oh no! In fact I'm as busy as ever building a new website on a new platform for you guys to enjoy. This will not only look a lot better, but it will pack in videos, galleries and new features as well as all the posts from the last 12 months in updated form. All being well I'm hoping to launch it in the late October/early November - I'll post the new details on here so keep coming back for updates :D

On top of this I've got the car booked in at JWA Racing in November for a series of work  that should see it running in much more optimised spec for 2016. The guys there have been fantastic this year, helping me out with the rebuild and advice following my crash at St Gouëno, so I'm excited to be working with them over the winter. I'm going to spend some time there too so I can learn a few new skills, such as how to strip and rebuild the gearbox which will doubtless come in handy at some point.

As well as working on the car, I've got a few jobs to do to Herve, first of all fixing the engine problem that's plagued me all season, then hopefully a few other bits to make life at meetings less stressful - as always it will depend on how far my budget can stretch...

Then I have a variety of ideas to continue building my profile and attracting new partners for the coming season, I'll keep most of them under wraps for now but it will be amazing if I can pull off what I'm planning! 2015 has been a fantastic season and an all round success, I never expected to go out and take class wins as this year was all about learning the car and the new hills, how the events run and now putting everything in place for a more focussed season in 2016. Having said all that, I did take a pair of podiums (fastest lady at Hebécrévon & St Ursanne) and had some encouraging finishes ahead of experienced drivers when running in the larger classes so things are moving in the right direction.

I just got back from Loton Park at the weekend where I saw the British Hillclimb Championship draw to a close and caught up with friends I've not seen for 12 months. It was great to be back and hear what's happened this season, I've been so wrapped up in France that I've missed out on all the happenings in the BHC, Leaders & Midland championships. I spent one final night staying in Herve, thankfully I remembered to put a hot water bottle in my bed before I left for the pub as there was ice on the cars the next morning! I had been planning to compete but failed to get my entry in, and after the wave of fatigue that hit me after Turkheim (I've never slept so much since I was a student) I was happy to just be there spectating, the last thing I need is an off when I know I don't even have a prayer against the featherweight bike engined cars.

I've just been invited to a meet Rosemary Smith at a talk she's giving in October, she was a international works rally driver in the 60's competing in major events all over Europe, taking wins at the Tulip Rally and Cork 20 Rally to name just a few. I'm really looking forward to meeting her and hearing all about the glamour of 60's motorsport - competing in the Monte Carlo rally with your evening wear for the afterparty packed into a suitcase in the boot of your works Imp must have been pretty special. In some ways I feel perhaps it's the same 'have racecar & van will travel' spirit that's seen me happily through the year - I've never felt so free as I did roaming through France this summer, self sufficient and hungry for adventure. I'm also hoping that she can give me a few pointers with my own career, right now I just want to keep the momentum going!


  1. Great blog Charlie, sounds like there are more exciting times on the way! :D

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